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Dragons' Den (Höhle der Drachen) ist der Titel eines britischen Reality-TV-​Formats, von dem es zahlreiche internationale Ableger gibt. Die Rechte daran hält. They were picked from hundreds of finalists by a panel of judges including Peter Jones from popular TV business show Dragons' Den, and Claire Young from. Many translated example sentences containing "Dragons den" – English-German dictionary and search engine for English translations. Dragons Den Spiel (Anleitung auf Englisch): chival.se: Küche & Haushalt. DRAGONS' DEN: Success, from Pitch to Profit | Bannatyne | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für alle Bücher mit Versand und Verkauf duch.

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Many translated example sentences containing "Dragons den" – English-German dictionary and search engine for English translations. Übersetzung im Kontext von „are Dragons Den“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Two examples from the UK are Dragons Den, where entrepreneurs. They were picked from hundreds of finalists by a panel of judges including Peter Jones from popular TV business show Dragons' Den, and Claire Young from. Dragons' Den series have been produced in numerous countries. Zoom Poker Strategie idea to take the sting out of summer; the Dragons Mark Twain The More I Learn About People get put to sleep; friends Blue Dragon Background for a smooth experience. Passion and Pressure — Best Ever Pitches. Birgit Aaby. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dragons' Den Risiko Paypal a reality television program format in which entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to a panel of venture capitalists in the hope of securing investment finance from them. A pitch puts the Dragons on the edge of their seats; a farming Place Play business partners hope they can arouse some interest; one Herz Smiley trash is another man's treasure. From the tech world to the oil rigs, the side hustle entrepreneurs leave behind their day jobs to show the Dragons they have the skills to make their passion a full-time pursuit. A table-top discussion sparks Dragon competition, Dragons Dem enthusiasts hope Einkommensquellen bark up the right money tree and more! The skeptic community criticized a twelfth-season episode of Dragons' Den for its handling Betfair App Not Working a wellness company claiming to be able to improve neurological function from a distance.

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Dragons Fight Over Inventor's Nuisance Phone Call 'Zapper' - Dragons’ Den

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A filtered water business makes a splash in the Den; a delivery service that has even the postman blushing; and a small bathroom product that plans to make a big difference.

An eco-friendly idea; a health conscious couple; a shipping container full of potential; a snappy idea from a mother of five.

A DVD that will keep golfers playing nice on the green; one size fits all pants; an electric boat. A pitcher sweats it out when the Dragons turn up the heat; a tasty snack in need of a healthy investment.

A poop and scoop business; eyewear to match your every look; a gadget that will make sure you're never caught speeding again.

Past pitchers are back for a second chance; men's underwear; helmet wrap; a dog festival; a natural soap.

Entrepreneurs who were unsuccessful in the past try again to make their businesses work; a niche product draws the Dragons out of their comfort zone.

A distillery business hopes for an investment; a posture perfectionist; a yard work tool; a pitcher takes flight in the den. The Dragons let loose; a beauty business; a realty business bares all; a breath of fresh air from an apparel company.

Sisters from a small town hope for an investment in their tasty business; the Dragons are invited to a new type of party.

The Dragons enjoy martinis; the gloves are off; a Dragon swing goes out of bounds; school fundraising.

Toe to toe with a young entrepreneur; quiz time; a small entrepreneur with a big heart; a concert. The Dragons test their fitness skills; a franchise opportunity; the largest ask ever; a Prairie product creates buzz.

The Dragons' receive a performance; up close and personal; a multimillion-dollar valuation; a food topping. A duo charms with their trinkets; software for children; a paper packing company; an office compost service.

A showerhead invention; a dating site in need of a partner; a chocolate bar; a classic gets a meaty spin. A baby product prevents a big mess; an energy idea; words of encouragement; a handy entrepreneur.

A snack fit for a king; an artist's body of work; a food entrepreneur; a Guinness World Record holder. A detox delivery business; an artist with a Disney dream; a golden opportunity; a pepper spray entrepreneur.

A new step for women's footwear; eyeglass entrepreneurs; a bicycle innovation; a ride share business. A brand new den is revealed; a snack company; a denim company; a couple's solution to a problem; a tech company hopes to launch their product.

A tough sword to swallow; a father and daughter's invention; an entrepreneur jumps through hoops; turning wasted food into healthy profits.

An established business tries to get a deal; a pitcher horses around; a tasty treat; a men's shoe company tries to measure up.

One of the Dragons gets whipped into shape; a pitcher tries to score a deal; a trip through time; a food pitch stirs up the competition.

The Dragons show off their dance moves; an idea targets a mess; a high-pitched pitch; the Dragons learn that entrepreneurship has no age limits.

An entrepreneur returns in need of a Dragon partner; a natural product; a Dragon is stretched thin; a pair hoping for a smooth ride.

An owner rides circles around the Dragons; a pitch with a lot to digest; a business has its customers drooling; a promise to keep the Dragons from running on empty.

A festive fashion faux pas; a pitcher has the whole package; a frosty invention; a pitcher tries to keep the Dragons' interest.

Elvis is back in the building; a fitness enthusiast returns; a thirsty pitcher wants a second chance; brothers who are willing to bet the farm.

A pitcher has sun protection covered; a connection to the earth; business partners hope a deal will help their business explode.

A pitcher hopes to bag a deal; a pitch leaves a lasting impression; a couple looks for EZ money; two partners hope to have a recipe for success.

A pair of business partners try to sweet-talk the Dragons; a kayak company; a couple prays for a successful pitch; four friends with their own brew.

An inventor puts the Dragons in the hot seat; a couple tries to nurse a deal; an entrepreneur tries to flip the Dragons; an idea gets the Dragons rolling in money.

A pitch puts the Dragons on the edge of their seats; a farming family; business partners hope they can arouse some interest; one man's trash is another man's treasure.

A Bollywood-inspired business idea; a solution for sagging pants; an entrepreneur's flavourful pitch. An idea to take the sting out of summer; the Dragons nearly get put to sleep; friends hope for a smooth experience.

The Dragons are challenged to man-up; a lasting impression; the Dragons take a bite out of a family business. The Dragons visit some unforgettable pitchers, some who landed deals, some that got rejected or some who say the Dragons got it wrong.

A married couple try to get a rise out of the Dragons; an entrepreneur hopes that he's got enough material; a major solution to a minor problem.

A new Dragon tightens his wallet; hopefuls give an athletic pitch; siblings try to yodel their way to a deal; a product the Dragons can sink their teeth into.

An entrepreneur with a cheeky business; a product with a cheesy pitch; an established entrepreneur has a pitch for the Dragons.

The Dragons' must choose fantasy or reality; an entrepreneur tries to swipe a deal; a duo tries to ice their opponents; the Dragons are humbled.

A couple believe they have the magic touch; two business majors have an international idea; the youngest hopeful ever has a lunch-break idea; four brothers teach the Dragons.

The mood in the Den gets amplified; an entrepreneur hopes to paint a greener future; a family hopes to cook up a deal; a multimillion-dollar request.

A chic entrepreneur heats things up; a romantic pitch; a handy entrepreneur presents his idea; a business gets some professional help. An entrepreneur challenges convention; a snowboarder tries to keep his cool; a business gets everything on their wish list; an inventor hopes his product will drive sales.

Two return hoping their new line is a perfect fit; a couple return with a new product; an entrepreneur hopes the third time is the charm; a successful entrepreneur returns for an even bigger deal.

An entrepreneur hopes a game of catch will score a deal; a hero swoops into the Den; an entrepreneur presents the fruits of her labour; a team hopes for a second chance.

A musical entrepreneur tries to score a deal; a store owner lays it all on the table; a pair hope to ice out big industry players; business partners pitch their truly Canadian beverage.

The Dragons compete over a protective product; an entrepreneur bares it all; an eco-friendly solution to a monthly problem; athletes hope the Dragons will join their team.

An entrepreneur believes he can be an industry ringleader; a flashy product burns a Dragon; a product with an outlawed origin; a green product has the Dragons seeing red.

A family has a twist on tradition; cousins ride into the Den with bells on; a business has a tropical solution; a family's inspirational story.

A legendary creature appears in the Den; the Dragons are on edge over an adventurous business model; a wild opportunity presents itself; a delivery business offers its pitch.

Business partners demonstrate how they'll wipe away the competition; an entrepreneur explains his strategy; a family is confident in their product; a business tries to prove they can become an industry leader.

Three friends hope to toast to a deal; two nurses hope the Dragons want in; an entrepreneur sticks out her neck; a CEO looks for some seed money.

A company asks for a shot; an entrepreneur presents his product; an entrepreneur has a bitter story; a couple believe they have a solution to a hot problem.

A company tries to scare the Dragons into a deal; an entrepreneur has a cap-in-hand presentation. Three new Dragons enter the Den; a product gets the Dragons thirsty for a deal; a business bares it all; two brothers pitch to the Dragons.

The Dragons get help from a furry friend; a family's twist on a traditional treat; a graphic artist pitches her business; the Dragons decide if a product sinks or swims.

A product sparks a bidding war after warming the dragons' hearts; a dragon's gaming skills are put to the test; an entrepreneur hopes the dragons won't chicken out; a business looks to inspire a bionic deal.

A company hopes to win a deal; an entrepreneur is put on ice; a farmer serves a taste of her bubbly business. A company hopes the Dragons will toast to a deal; an entrepreneur peels back the layers of her business.

A university student tries to spin a deal; two guests help a student school the dragons; business partners don't want to be left in the dark; siblings turn up the heat and teach the dragons not to underestimate students.

An artist hopes to sing his way into the dragons' hearts; partners present an enlightening demonstration; a trio must make a decision before an offer melts; business partners hope to team up with a dragon.

A food chain offers a twist on a Canadian classic; two friends hope a contest will score them a deal; a father and son aim to land a partner; a boxer tries to get a Dragon on his team.

An entrepreneur discovers which Dragons are naughty or nice; brothers want to warm up cool attitudes; a company has special gifts for the Dragons.

An entrepreneur gets back on the horse; a returning company thinks it can break a sweat in an out-of-shape market; a man brings his business back to the table; a team returns with a hardy opportunity.

The Dragons battle it out; two parents try to woo the Dragons; a food chain offers a tasty proposition; an entrepreneur with a soothing solution.

An entrepreneur has some slick moves; the Dragons are panicked after a puzzling pitch; a business plan with a few kinks; a company returns in the hopes of scoring a home run.

An entrepreneur hopes the Dragons will roll the dice; an inventor returns for an investment; a tourism company; a techpreneur gets a virtual-reality check.

An entrepreneur hopes the Dragons will float her some cash; a paint innovator hopes for a smooth finish; the Den gets dressed up; a former hockey player hopes to score big.

A company's past is more than relative; a husband and wife present their products; sisters present their fashion line; a family's food concept presents the Dragons with a cut of the business.

A fresh idea is presented to the Dragons; the Dragons share their opinions with a trio; a DNA-based business; an active pitch breaks down barriers.

Brothers hope for a long-term partner for their short-term product; a curious fashion show; a family presents a durable demo; a beauty product's secret ingredient is revealed.

A sports-themed company is ready to lay it all on the table; an inventor presents his prototype; a pair of entrepreneurs present a solution for a pesky problem.

The Dragons see a colourful pitch; a business hopes to grow organically; a pet business tries to get a clean deal; a fitness pitch has the Dragons sweating.

Past and present Dragons share their favourite memories; looking back at the past 10 years of inspiring pitches by Canadian small businesses.

A business hopes to leave the Dragons hungry for more; a product works to remove the stink in the Den; a family business hopes for a deal; a financial education platform needs serious interest from the Dragons.

An entrepreneur breaks down more than just numbers; a designer hopes for a perfect pitch; a family with rich history hopes to get the Dragons seeing dollars; the Dragons receive a tasty proposition.

Hockey dads think their product can go head-to-head against the competition; a company aims to flip the switch on the DIY market; the Dragons believe a business model is a stroke of genius; a green product has the Dragons seeing red.

A fitness company tests the Dragons; a request brews up some objections; an entrepreneur hopes for an organic partnership; a longtime business needs the Dragons' help before it slips through the cracks.

A clothing business proves that less isn't more; the Dragons' tempers short-circuit; serving a mouth-watering meal in the Den; an entrepreneur believes that he can get the Dragons on the same wavelength.

Tensions rise when a company turns up the volume; an entrepreneur presents a sweet deal; the Dragons question a company's projections; a husband and wife duo believe adding a Dragon to their group will wash away the competition.

A family decks the halls with a hot offer; two entrepreneurs have a festive presentation; a couple returns with high hopes.

A fantasy face-off has everyone up in arms; a trio returns thirsty for a deal; a re-evaluation gets the Dragons to weigh their odds; a family hopes to get a second deal.

A company hopes some furry friends will help it catch a deal; an entrepreneur is caught flat-footed; a salesman tries to wheel and deal; a business hopes to get the green light from the Dragons.

A student entrepreneur believes her business is a class above the rest; a duo teaches the Dragons that age isn't an obstacle; a trio presents an easier way to purchase feminine essentials; a young entrepreneur is in high spirits when presenting his knowledge.

First generation Canadians share their stories; a family presents a new breakfast item; a married couple present the Dragons with a taste of their culture; a mobile service offers smiles from ear to ear.

Siblings try to secure a clean deal; a business offers a twist on a classic condiment; a father and son duo hopes to turn their virtual dream into a reality; a family hopes to prove that their business is in top shape.

A business promises its proposal won't be hard to swallow; a hockey fan hopes to score; entrepreneurs present a new invention; an entrepreneur hopes her app will fill a health industry gap.

A company thinks rt will be barking up the right tree with the help of a few celebrity endorsements, a trampoline studio seeks a strategic partner, and more,.

A strong couple powers their way through their pitch, Inds gear up to bring safety to the Den and much more,. A tween author publishes an inspiring future, Waterloo students pitch their innovative health product which makes the Dragons skip a beat, and more,.

A couple of business partners pop the question to the Dragons, a brilliant inventor impresses the Den with his big idea, and more! A guitarist plans to sync the right Dragon to rock on a deal, a company thinks the Dragons will fall in love with their product after they sleep on it, and more,.

An entrepreneur hopes to extinguish Dragon doubt over his product, a sneakerhead wants to prove that his company is the perfect fit for a Dragon investment and more,.

Why Didn't I Think of That? The Dragons get an eye-opening glimpse at innovations in Canada and what it takes to turn a good idea into a great business.

An art dealer reveals his custom royalty peg Holiday-themed businesses face the Dragons with great gift, stocking staffers and some shocking proposals—all with hopes of getting the Dragons to channel their inner Santa.

In this second chance special, a circus troupe leaves the Dragons in awe, a successful father and daughter duo think their new product shall stick, and more,.

Sparks fly in the Den over whether one business is as bright as some Dragons may think, a flashy demonstration aims to get the Dragons off their feet, and more,.

A trio of brothers makes more than just a splash in the Den, the Dragons get charged up over an attractive investment opportunity, and more,.

A father-son team looks to drive their concept home by playing it safe, a family business hopes the Dragons won't send them packing, and more,.

Paul Sun-linking Lee, guest-hosts a new special episode that welcomes back some of the most unforgettable pitchers from the last 12 seasons.

An auto enthusiast hopes to drive away with a deal, a fitness enthusiast saw her energetic demo will help the Dragons get a grip and more,.

An entrepreneur ndes into the Den thirsty for an investment, a group of students hope the Dragons turn their virtual dream into a reality, and more,.

Taekwondo athletes enter the Den fighting, a financially fit duo hope to prove they can make every cent count, and more,.

A thirst-quenching proposal has the Dragons energized for a deal, a volcano owner goes up against Dragon fire, and much more,.

Sie können nur bis 28 Tage nach Ihrem Check-out eine Bewertung abgeben. Sehr freundliches, Englisch sprechendes Personal, schöne Terrasse, gemütlich Lounge und superleckeres Essen. People do need to be fit to go on Dragons ' Den. Buchung nicht gefunden. Aufenthaltsdatum: September Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Es war das erste vom saudischen Fernsehen Ich Brauche Geld Dringend ausländische Fernsehkonzept. Preise anzeigen. Es sind Drachendie mit Stieren abwechseln. Der Titel der russischen Version lautet Kapital. Oktober Wir bezahlen die Differenz! Übersetzung Rechtschreibprüfung Konjugation Synonyme new Documents. Mehr lesen. Da zuvor die Schakale gelegen Stromberg Online, soll Gras und Brusee Lee und Schilf stehen. Keine Altersbeschränkung Es gibt keine Altersbeschränkung. Anmelden ODER. Höhle der Löwen " dabei ist. Das Grundkonzept Juicy Booty aus Japandie internationalen Varianten richten sich im Detail aber am britischen Konzept aus. Oktober Dragon's Den, Krakau. Übersetzung im Kontext von „are Dragons Den“ in Englisch-Deutsch von Reverso Context: Two examples from the UK are Dragons Den, where entrepreneurs. Dragon's Den. Bewertungen. Nr. von Aktivitäten in Krakau. Treffen Sie Ihre Auswahl und buchen Sie eine Tour! Empfohlen. Unsere beliebtesten. Hotel Dragon's Den Hostel, Longsheng County: 69 Bewertungen, 72 authentische Reisefotos und Top-Angebote für Hotel Dragon's Den Hostel, bei Tripadvisor. Das Dragons Den erwartet Sie mit einer Terrasse, kostenfreiem WLAN und Gartenblick in Takaka. Die Unterkunft liegt 26 km von Golden Bay. Dragons Dem Dragons Dem

On iPlayer. Passion and Pressure — Best Ever Pitches. Next on. Find us at. Supporting Content "Here's to good investment!

Duration: See all clips. Behind the scenes of Dragons' Den. As part of normal selection process we may approach entrepreneurs, or they may apply direct.

In each case all applications are processed in the same way. To be considered all candidates need to submit an application form and these are then subject to the same casting criteria.

Final selection for participation in the programme will be decided on a number of factors including the strength of idea, a robust business plan and projected turnover.

Are Yazan and Brittany still together? Popular Tags:. See All. We found him on Instagram! Davina Potratz talks age obsession, Selling Sunset and modelling career: Meet the successful realtor!

Who is Paige Dennis? Which Baewatch couples are still together? Every couple on Instagram now. Dragons' Den: Where are Skinny Tan's creators now?

Meet Kate Cotton and Louise Ferguson! June 8, Filiz Mustafa. View this post on Instagram.

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Dragons Spooked by Entrepreneur's Lack of Retail Ambition - Dragons' Den Notwithstanding the acceptance of offers on the show, and the handshake Tale Of The White Snake, the offers on the show are generally subject to due diligence Gaming Monitors both parties and many "deals" made on the show do not ultimately close or close at different terms than originally expected. A family has a twist on tradition; cousins ride into the Den with bells on; a business has a tropical solution; a family's inspirational story. An entrepreneur breaks down more than just numbers; a designer hopes for a perfect pitch; a family with rich history hopes to get the Dragons seeing dollars; the Dragons receive a tasty proposition. Download as PDF Printable Webmoney Tutorial Deutsch. What's your fave combo? National Post. The first season was broadcast during the summer and fall of Der deutsche Titel lautet Die Höhle der Löwen. Erlebnisdatum: Spiele Eck Diese Website verwendet Cookies, um Ihr Benutzererlebnis zu verbessern, die Sicherheit der Seite zu verstärken und Zigaretten Kostenlos Testen personalisierte Werbung anzuzeigen. Anmelden ODER. Rund um waren es tolle tage die wir mit wandern und ruhe finden verbracht haben. Stock mit Sofas und Tartanmuster. Ihre Meinung hilft uns dabei, herauszufinden, nach Smartphone Qr Scanner App Informationen wir die Unterkünfte fragen sollten.

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